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#ImpulsaCrowdfunding Campaign is on!


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Recorte Impuslsacrowdfunding
From September 11th onwards you can become a patron to these 8 projects with social impact, who are looking for funding to become real!
Thanks to the success from past editions with Verkami, Impulsa is once again betting on crowd funding with a total of 16,000€ budget.

For the second edition of the patrons programme, Impulsa has oriented its call towards innovative projects with a positive social impact on Gijón, so local entrepreneurs and businessmen can carry out their projects with help from the sector's best professionals and their city's economic help.

After achieving their funding goal, each project will receive up to 2,000€ co-financed by Impulsa, establishing a maximum of 200€ per patron.

For this year, the responsibility of managing and information and assistance services will be provided by Lánzanos so businessmen can carry out their projects with help from the sector's best professionals and their city's economic help.

The campaign will be on for 45 days and its platform will have three methods of payment: card, PayPal and offline tickets, so everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the projects.

The themes are very varied, yet they all share the same goal of contributing positively to the social aspects of the city.

The projects are the following:

SUMI, AGENDA SOLIDARIA: a charitable agenda that proposes 12 challenges, using the 21 days rule, that will help take care of the environment and our health.

I-SEN: I-Sen detects bullying in early stages at the schools without infringing the alumni's identities.

SIGAMOS ESCRIBIENDO A MANO ¡POTENCIA EL CEREBRO!: Offer kids a motivating calligraphy notebook able to develop his or her emotional intelligence as much as possible.

LA GRAN COCINA CASERA ASTURIANA: This book tries to recover, maintain and give relevance to the traditional dishes of Asturian cuisine, made by anonymous people.

TE PRESENTO A JOVELLANOS: It is a children's book about Jovellanos' life, with pictograms to facilitate its lecture to children with autism.

CREAKIT: FABRICA TU CREATIVIDAD: The tool your organization needs to innovate and solve social challenges.

LOCURARTE FEST XIXÓN: Project focusing on diversity that helps educate society about different collectives' problems.

REDES PARA NO OLVIDAR: Its objective is to increase visibility for people with Alzheimer using participative artistic methodologies, as well as unify health, art and culture.

The projects need your help to succeed. Become a patron and support whichever one you like! You can also help by promoting the projects amongst your friends.

We still have days to show our support! It's never too late!

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