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Public Procurement Of Innovation

(In case of doubt or interpretation differences, the spanish version shall prevail.)

The Public Procurement of Innovation is an administrative action through which an unmet need will be satisfied from an innovative solution. There are four aims in this type of public procurement:

  • Improving the public services by purchasing innovative goods and services.
  • Boosting the innovation from the demand side.
  • Encouraging the innovation of the business fabric.
  • Promoting the internalization innovation from the use of public market as a launching platform of goods and services.

Thus, from “IMPULSA” a first pilot-experience has been set by means of which the public procurement of innovation will be used to purchase an Intelligent Data Analysis Tool (HAID IMPULSA). This experience will have a multiplier effect important and scalable to be used by the different municipal departments for their purchases.

Purpose of the Public Procurement of Innovation

Purchase of an Intelligent Data Analysis Tool for IMPULSA (HAID IMPULSA) that prepares and homogenizes, extracts and analyses large amounts of information obtained from multiple and heterogeneous sources, both structured (databases, spreadsheets, open datasets) and those that are not, whether they be reports, records in electronic format, etc.

The Intelligent Data Analysis Tool of IMPULSA will aim to make information accessible from various sources of open data for citizens and companies, in order to identify the city's strengths, overcome weaknesses and efficiently support the activities of entrepreneurs and companies based on the data obtained. Thus, the city would have a Tool to strengthen those sectors for a greater added value, and therefore improve the expectations of economic growth of the city.

Steps to Public Procurement of Innovation

  1. Open market consultation

Open market consultation

The promotion of an Open Market Consultation to look for innovative solutions to develop an Intelligent Data Analysis Tool to “IMPULSA” (HAID IMPULSA) is deemed to be of interest and so as step prior to the Public Procurement of Innovation that can be launched by “IMPULSA” for that purpose.
Aim of the open market consultation: to receive the feedback from relevant market players in order to verify the feasibility, scope and appropriate technological characteristics for the realization and implementation of an "IMPULSA" Intelligent Data Analysis Tool (HAID IMPULSA).
Proposer’s specific requirents: open call addressed to legal and natural persons.
Features ofthe “impulsa” intelligent data analysis tool subject to the open market consultation
  • Scope:The tool should be an Intelligent Data Analysis Tool complete and fully functional to solve the needs of various interest groups of the city of Gijón on economic and business promotion.
  • Main goals:The tool must be operative, in order to facilitate the reuse of the collected and treated information. Also, the tool should implement functionalities of data analysis visualization, as support for business intelligence.
  • Tool requirements: Consulting “APPENDIX I ENGLISH. TOOL FEATURES”.
Participation in the Open Market Consultation: Those natural and legal persons interested can submit the questionnaire “APPENDIX II ENGLISH. MODEL FORM” filled in Spanish language to the following email: The deadline for the submission of the questionnaire will be two months. This deadline shall begin to run on the day immediately after that of the publication of the announcement "Anuncio de la Gerencia del Centro Municipal de Empresas de Gijón por el que se hace pública la convocatoria de consulta preliminar al mercado para la búsqueda de soluciones innovadoras en el desarrollo de una Herramienta de Análisis Inteligente de Datos” in the Spanish Official State Gazette (BOE).
Results of the open market consultation: The final results obtained in the open market consultation will be published together with an eventual post-public procurement of innovation that should be open to all the proposals that fulfill the conditions settled in the public procurement whether they link or not to the prior open market consultation. In either case the public procurement will figure out the assessment criteria bearing in mind the valuation of the innovation as positive features.

Documentation of open market consultation

Important: in case of doubt or interpretation differences, the spanish version shall prevail.


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